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What we do

Muto provides bespoke Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring programmes; where the learner has accountability for the organisations business growth; we also complement the value of our coaching and mentoring programmes with a suite of sales competency development plans.

The approach we take before accepting a relationship agreement generally involves a three step approach.

Step 1: Can we work together?

An informal coach / mentor to learner introductory meeting to understand the perceived learning needs and learner’s readiness for a coaching or mentoring relationship.

Step 2: What will the relationship framework look like?

Focussed consultation and structured learner review establishes the high level programme design and the learners specific development goals.

Step 3: We can work together....

Relationship commences following agreement of programme proposal and coaching / mentoring contract.

Steps 1 and 2 attract no charges; each meeting will last between 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Coaching relationships are short term focus, skills and behavioural development specific, and usually involve an agreed number of sessions within a 3 month timeline.

Mentoring relationships are longer term focus, and generally a minimum of 12 months. Meeting frequency is usually once a month; however there may be more intensity during the 1st phase of the relationship which necessitates more regular meetings. Our mentoring agreements have a “no fault divorce clause” – this means either party can walk away without penalty or prejudice, if the relationship falters.

Both coaching and mentoring relationships are centred around one to one meetings, but also allows interaction in between sessions through either audio conference or Skype video call. This ensures that the learner is never left isolated between learning sessions.

Executive Coaching

Today’s senior executives face more demands and challenges than ever and there is an increasingly narrow window of opportunity to achieve expected results. Executive coaching assists and develops individual capability to deliver positive results with improved performance and retention of key individuals.

Benefits of Executive coaching include:

Accelerating transition to the next level; such as promotion and joining the board.

Enhances motivation, engagement and talent retention of key executives.

Strengthens the effective implementation of organisational change.

Develops personal impact, influence and performance.

Managing stress, change, conflict or crisis situations more effectively.

Increases clarity of personal leadership vision and values.

Establishes key strengths and development priorities.

Leadership Mentoring

The contribution of sustained professional mentoring to enhance and grow leadership capability cannot be underestimated. For the last 2 decades, leadership development supported by mentoring in the greatest Corporations in the United States has been at peak levels; the availability of Executive Coach and experienced Leadership Mentors has struggled to match demand, with the result of elevating the best coach and mentoring professionals to national celebrity levels. The past 5 years or so has now seen the UK’s largest Companies accept the real value of leadership mentoring and HR Professionals now seek to either implement mentoring programmes or outsource mentoring to the UK’s foremost mentoring organisations.

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”

Warren Bennis

Muto’s mentoring focus is to support leadership development in the SME sector, for those leaders who aspire to be greater leaders in the 21st century. In the 21st century, your power and potential as a leader will be founded primarily on:

Your expertise, not your position;

Your reputation, which is amassed through consistent and reliable performance over time but which can be destroyed in an instant by a single, thoughtless act;

Your personal integrity and credibility – which is predicated on walking the talk every day; and

Your ability to negotiate win/win outcomes regardless of the circumstances.

Muto’s mentoring associates practice to the highest ethical and professional standard. We operate within the guidelines of the International Standard for Mentoring Practice in Employment (ISMPE) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). ISMPE standards can be found on our Resources pages, and the council’s code of ethics can be viewed on their website: