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muto: latin, "to change"
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Muto is a small company of professionals dedicated to executive coaching and leadership mentoring. Our primary focus is to provide the SME sector with Leadership development through Coaching and Mentoring, and also to support organisational growth through Professional Sales Development programmes and initiatives.

“....release the greatness within”

Muto means “to change” in Latin; we work with a company’s leadership team to help promote behavioural change where leaders are striving to achieve greater things; our vision is to help unlock hidden potential, and "release greatness" in both the individual and the organisation. This is achieved through a combination of Executive Coaching and longer term Leadership Mentoring.

Muto associates are “agents of change” – the Muto approach enables change; the release of greatness, though a process of personal and organisational change.

"Culture must not remain a fond relic of the organization's past. It needs to evolve...adapt...help deliver a successful future."

Price Pritchett, 2008

Many small companies change strategy, direction, structure, or its people – often, as a response or reaction to circumstances. Ideally, the most visionary and perceptive leader is sufficiently insightful and has the readiness to proactively lead the organisation through challenging events. Muto Coach and Mentor associates are essential support partners to help manage personal and organisational change; we help plan the journey towards 21st Century Leadership.

So; are you a 21st Century Leader?

"There are really only two ingredients required for organizational success: leadership and culture. And, since leaders know how to build an organizational culture of respect, accountability and innovation, nothing of any great consequence can ever be achieved without leadership. Leaders do make the difference.

Today, more than ever before, we need more people who are willing to lead. I can tell you for a fact that there are positions of executive responsibility awaiting you, provided you have what it takes or are willing to learn it. You heard me correctly. I did say “willing to learn.” The ability to lead others is really a collection of skills, virtually all of which can be learned or strengthened. We are not born with leadership qualities; we acquire them through experience – through observation and listening, and through dedicated, conscientious, continuous self-evaluation and improvement."

Jim Murray

Learn to lead.  

Not just for your own wellbeing but for those who follow you. As you reach the highest levels of organizational responsibility and success, don’t forget to take others with you to become the leaders of tomorrow. Let them be your legacy.

To be a leader, you have to think like a leader. To understand this basic premise of leadership, you need to agree with two fundamental principles:

Successful people think differently than unsuccessful people.

We can change the way we think.