Muto 2010 Limited
muto: latin, "to change"
Coach or Mentor?

Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring

Professional Sales Development

Muto provides professional leadership development for Executives in small and medium sized businesses through a framework of coaching engagements and long term mentoring relationships.

Our coaching and mentoring associates are experienced business leaders with employment backgrounds from Fortune 500 Companies and independent consultancies.

Muto means “to change” in Latin; Muto’s mentoring programme aims to stimulate the change in Leadership behaviour for those Executives who aspire to become greater leaders in the 21st Century.

The 21st Century Leader

It has been said that, in the 21st century, the very nature, speed and complexity of change will change. If that is indeed the case, then so too will the nature of leadership. What made the leaders of yesterday will not make the leaders of tomorrow.

What will a 21st century leader look like? 

"In my judgement, the leader of the past was a doer. The leader of the present is a planner. And the leader of the future will be a teacher. The job of a 21st century leader will be to develop capabilities, not necessarily to plan the organization’s strategic direction. It will be to increase the organization’s capacity to be focused, agile and resilient. It will be to create, harness and leverage intellectual capital rather than to deploy other assets. This kind of leader doesn’t need to know everything there is to know (because that is a practical impossibility). On the contrary, these leaders will want to be surrounded by people who know a whole lot more than they do but who will trust them implicitly to weigh their competing claims and advice." (Jim Murray)